Grants are still available to make your home more energy efficient and at the same time save hundreds a year on energy bills. Energy bills are set to rise in the coming months as the pound remains unstable.

Many energy saving measures are available to the majority of households around the country, making use of these whilst they are available really makes sense. Not only will you save money on your energy bills you will increase the value of your property so check out now what is open to you.

• Get free cavity wall insulation. There are now government-backed full and partial grants available to help you pay for insulation if your home has cavity walls.Getting this done could save you around 15% on your fuel bills, so you could be saving on average £160 a year. Even if you don't receive money from the government scheme it is still worth it in the long run.

• Get free loft insulation. Because heat rises, as much as 25% of the heat in your house could be disappearing into your loft space. What's more, even older properties that already have insulation in place may not have the recommended levels, particularly if it was installed in the 1970s or 1980s.

• Solar Panels. Having solar panels installed on your house could save you as much as a third on your electricity bills. What's more, thanks to the government's Feed-in Tariff scheme solar panel installers get paid for the energy generated, so they may install them for free.

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Check on this site to see if you are entitled to any assistance making your home more energy efficient, it’s quick and easy and will save you money.

It’s nothing new to hear that fuel costs are expensive. If you’re trying to run a home and keep your family warm and dry on a limited budget, then it can be hard to keep things under control. This is especially true when the UK endures a snap of chilly weather, pushing up the cost of your heating and making the resulting bills seem insurmountable.

One of the best ways to safeguard yourself against future debt, whilst bringing down the cost of gas and electricity is to make your home more energy efficient. Luckily there are a lot of schemes in place to help you do this, from providing insulation to installing new boilers.

Many of these are free for everyone, though some of the more expensive options have higher restrictions on who can access them.

Consumers continue to take advantage of the offers the Government and energy companies put in place to assist reducing energy loss in our homes. This year has started in the same vein as homeowners are starting to investigate just what is on offer. Figures released show that 32% more enquiries have been made in the first 3 months of 2017 than the same period last year.

News just in 12/04/2017

EDF Energy has announced that its raising its standard electricity prices for the second time this year, citing "a range of rising costs" behind its latest decision. The move sees electricity prices rise by 9% and gas prices by 5.5%, and means that typical duel fuel direct debit bills will increase by 7.2% from 21 June 2017.

Check if you qualify

Please do use this site to see if you are entitled to any assistance in improving your homes energy efficiency. A little time spent now could save 100’s in the future.

We all enjoy getting value for money and home owners are most certainly no different. With all the talk of Brexit and the ongoing negotiations now would be a very good time to save on expenses as big fuel increases are expected.

It is a fact nowadays your home will be worth a great deal more if it is energy efficient with a low carbon footprint. Just speak to any estate agent and they will tell you it is far easier to achieve a good sale price if the property is energy efficient. There is no doubt whatsoever energy efficiency plays a very big part when selling houses.

Is your home energy efficient?

If you think about it you get double the value for the money invested, firstly you save annually on energy bills and secondly you improve the value of your house. As you can see this is a win-win situation and one that should not be ignored as we all strive to save money.

It is so easy to save money and improve your home and in some cases this can be done free of charge if you are claiming certain benefits. Just spend a little time checking if you qualify for any grants or benefits as this could save a great deal in the long term.

Improved efficiency

Here are just a few ways to save money and improve the value of your home.

1) Insulate your home as much as possible.

2) Ensure your hot water tank is working efficiently.

3) Check all windows and doors for drafts.

Need some assistance?

It is very easy to find out if you qualify for a grant or indeed free installation, just select your requirement and click the “see if I qualify or “apply now”. Acting now could save you and your family a great deal of money and improve the value of your property.

The latest research has revealed the majority of property buyers are willing to pay a lot more for an eco-friendly home. According to the findings 78% of prospective buyers want to purchase the most environmentally friendly house they can. Perhaps the most surprising statistic is that 80% said this is now a very high priority when selecting a new home.

These findings challenge the long-held claim that consumer demand for greener living is limited. Of the 4000-people questioned the majority said reducing energy bills was a very high priority on their check list when selecting a home. Lower energy bills are now ranked very highly due to the rapidly rising costs of electricity and gas. This simply would not have been the case some 5 years ago.

Existing homeowners should start taking energy saving as a very important part of the future if they want to achieve a good sale price for their houses. It is so simple to insulate and increase energy efficiency within your home and in some cases, can be installed free if receiving certain benefits.

These findings go to prove that the Governments greener campaign is having the desired effect. When you consider all the facts and figures it certainly makes sense to be very serious about saving energy as fuel bills will be reduce significantly. With the pound being so weak fuel costs are likely to keep on rising until the Brexit talks have been concluded.

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It’s so easy to find out if you qualify for a grant or indeed free installation, just select your requirement and click the “see if I qualify or “apply now”. Acting now could save you a great deal of money each month and increase the value of your property.

Most households around the country are completely unaware a grant or assistance may be available to make their home more energy efficient. A recent survey clearly shows homeowners do not take advantage of the local energy suppliers offers. With big changes on the way due to the Brexit talks you would be wise to act now as the future is unclear.

When questioned if you could save as much as £750 per year would you do more research, a clear answer came back, yes!

Energy saving is one of the main grant giving areas due to the environment and the importance the Government and suppliers places on it. If you think about this it does make sense to save on fuel usage as much as possible, thus saving on the huge amounts it would cost to build new energy sources.

Benefits of taking action

1} Reduced noise levels

2} Reduced carbon footprint

3} Increased property value

4} Reduced heating bills

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It is so easy to find out if you qualify for a grant or even free assistance with making your home more energy efficient. Select your requirement and just click the “see if I qualify” or “apply now” button. A little time spent now could save you a lot of money now and in the future.