Increased energy efficiency is the only way to protect homes from unexpected price hikes, like last week's gas price surge [More...]

Energy prices have shot up by 55 per cent in 10 years. According to the Office of National Statistics, UK households spent an average of £106 a month on electricity, gas and other household fuels in 2012. That's more than half again on the £69 a month spent in 2002, after adjusting for inflation. [More...]

Residents have been offered a deal to make their homes more eco-friendly.

Eastleigh Borough Council wants people to take on the Solent Green Deal’s assessment to better insulate their homes and help them stay warm while saving money. [More...]

The government has announced a £19m boost for the Green Deal as it awarded funding for six community based retrofit programmes. [More...]

Recent changes to the government’s Green Deal cash-back scheme have been welcomed by many as a boost for homeowners wanting to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes. [More..]